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"Employee Time Clock Software" FAQ & Training Videos


1. Why am I getting an "Invalid Path" message? The "tclock" folder is not at the root of the C:\ drive as it should be. To correct this, you must move the "tclock" folder to the root (top level), of the C:\ drive.

2. How do I add my employees to the time clock software? You need to go to Administrative Tasks, then select Add/Edit Employees. For each employee, Click on Add at the bottom of the screen, Enter a Unique ID, Last & First Name, Unique Employee Password, Set Active to "Y", Click on Save. Repeat this for each employee.


3. Why can't I access the Menu Options at the Top Left? You need to close the Clock In\Out form by clicking on "Close Form" button at bottom right.


4. Can I add a different Administrative Password? Yes. Just add a Manager with the desired Administrative Password.

5. How do I add a date for an employee that did not clock in or out on that date? On Administrative Tasks, go to Edit Employee Clocked Time, Click on Add at the bottom, Manually enter the Employee ID, Name and Clock In\Out Date and each Clock In and Out entry that is applicable for that day for that employee. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

6. Can I use the software on a Network so that employees can Clock In/Out on Multiple Computers? You must purchase the Network Access, Multiple PC version of the software and you must have your computers in a Network configuration to do this. The Single PC version is for use on only one PC.

7. I have several computers in my office so I think they must be in a Network. Do I have a Network? A network is a group of computers that are Set Up to communicate with each other to share devices or software. The network must be set up by an IT Professional or someone in your office that is knowledgeable in configuring the sharing process on your computers. If this has been done, then you do have a local area network.