Employee Time Clock Software for Windows

* No Monthly Fees / One Time Purchase *
Employee Time Keeping can be done efficiently and without the need
for a mechanical Punch clock machine or Time Cards!

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The Small Business Time Keeping Solution!


*Our software has been in use for over 10 years by different types of businesses, and has a proven track record to work successfully!

 * The software is updated regularly to keep up with the needs of our clients.  It is currently on revision 6.0, with the latest update made in December 2021.  We encourage active clients to provide us with suggestions for consideration on practical enhancements to our software.

Simplify the Employee Clock In and Out Process!
  • Use the Employee Time Keeping Software to quickly and easily track your employees time. Use on 1 PC for up to 100 employees.
  • Save a tremendous amount of time and minimize errors by using our automated process for this task.
  •  No more time cards to deal with!
  • Stop spending money on all the punch clock expenses such as maintenance, inking, and time cards.
  • Take advantage of your existing computers for this task. No punch clock machine needed. Instead each employee Clocks In and Out at the PC that has our software on it.
  • Generate Employee Time Sheets in minutes for any date range needed.
The Small Business Time Keeping Solution for Network!!

** -->>>Use this on Mulitple computers!  NO NEED TO PURCHASE ONE PER PC!    This Network Access license is good for up to 30 PC's on your network sharing 1 central database!!

Employees Clock In and Out on any computer on the Local Area Network!

  • Network Access License for use by multiple PC's on a Network.
  • The software can be installed on a Shared Drive or on a Server Shared Drive for access by PC's that have access to the shared drive.
  • This provides additional convenience in that employees can clock in and out from their own computer.
  •  Administrators can access reports from their office PC.
  • Up to 100 employees can clock in and out from any computer on the network.
  • Shared Drive may be on suitable PC or on a Windows Server.
  • If you need assistance at any time, support is available to you by phone, email or remote access as needed.
  • We will help you make the best use of our software by answering any questions you may have.
  • Just call us  Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • If you have a business that has 100 Employees or less, this is the software for you!

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    Our Software Runs On Any *Windows* Device

    Take advantage of our powerful tools designed for you on any version of the Windows Operating System including 7,8,10,11 and available in Single PC or Network Server Multi PC Versions.

    Pay ONLY Once with NO Monthly Fees. ** The Software will be available for download upon purchase. ** Free Support!

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